Backstage Caffe

Tel Aviv-Yafo


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About us

In the new Beckstage hotel, behind the Dizengoff Square, there is a Beckstage Cafe that invites its guests to an experiential brunch inspired by the magic of "behind the scenes" of the worlds of the stage. Using original tools in the spirit of the worlds of cabaret and theater, an original soundtrack and classic clothing beckoning to the realms of the stage and the twinkling of the lights, Backstage Cafe's brunch is an immersive, surprising and stimulating experience. The place offers a varied and elegant buffet of breads, pastries and drinks; a tray overflowing with various salads, cheeses and fish; And when ordering at the table, guests are invited to choose a personal hot dish such as Ein eggs on salted toast and gouda, bread pudding with egg salad and tarragon, caramel pancakes, bananas, whipped cream and pine nuts and more.


6 Beilinson Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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החניון הקרוב, חניון "הכיכר", רחוב לוריא 8

Do you have a reason to party?

You can upgrade our brunch and purchase a celebratory package including a bouquet of balloons + a code to use our special photo booth + dessert at a cost of NIS 75.