Beit Kandinof

Tel Aviv-Yafo


About us

679 / 5,000 Translation results Beit "Kandinoff" restaurant - located in a historic building in the heart of Jaffa. The menu was built by chefs Itai Kushmero and Shemi Golomb under the influence of Hippo and Mediterranean cuisine and combining up-to-date techniques and seasonal raw materials from nearby markets. The menu expresses the abundance of cultures located in Jaffa and a combination of dishes that rely on different cuisines that bring Jaffa flavors that connect to creative dishes. Next to them, we at Kandinoff built a new wine menu that combines a variety of wines from local boutique wineries and new cocktails that are served in an artistic environment and a light and non-binding atmosphere. The walls of the restaurant space in the conservation building have been carefully cared for and the design of the place corresponds with its history. Contemporary art exhibitions are displayed in the spaces of the complex. Next to the art stands a wide bar and an atmosphere is created that is second to none in the unique place hidden in a picturesque alley in Jaffa.


HaTsorfim 14, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Yogev Yaros and Shami Golomb

Private rooms

Events in Beit Kandinof are a unique experience. We will be happy to accommodate you and give your event an unforgettable stamp. We can accommodate small or large events, in our extended open space, or in one of our private rooms. We create customized menus depending on the nature of the event. For more information please contact us