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Black Iron is a European-inspired steakhouse. A meat restaurant with the gold of the meat world - high-quality carts grown in the north that reach a level of rare depth of flavor and texture, alongside carts of other unique varieties grown locally that together provide a high-quality and unusual array of flavors. We are happy and proud to promote support for Israeli farmers with a healthy, responsible, humane and supervised growing alternative. The menu consists of a variety of steaks and unique cuts grilled on a charcoal grill (Josper), alongside special dishes that make creative use of different and unusual cuts.

בלאק איירון מתגייסת לטובת חיילי 'חרבות ברזל'

10% מכל ההכנסות נתרמות לטובת מנגלים לחיילים בשטח


Agripas 80, Jerusalem

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