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Tel Aviv-Yafo
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About Dalida

  • About us

    In August 2013, Dalida restaurant opened its doors in the heart of the Levinsky Market, and quickly became one of the busiest and trendiest restaurants in the city. Like Dalida, the legendary singer whose narrative was the muse behind the concept, the restaurant is also a meeting of East and West, a blend of Arab-Italian-French cultures and flavors, that can be felt throughout the restaurant- from the special design of the space, through the menu of Chef Dan Zuaretz, the cocktails and the soundtrack in the background. The menu conducts an ongoing dialogue with nature, and each season, in addition to the restaurant's regular menu, Chef Dan Zuaretz creates a seasonal menu that is perfectly suited to the season’s finest and highest quality ingredients, thus adding an element of surprise to the dining experience. At Dalida you can enjoy a variety of dining styles, from a pleasant evening over a glass of wine alongside entrées, a romantic meal in the courtyard or a Moabet meal suitable for tables of four or more dinners, offering a sharing meal composed of a variety of Dalida flavors and drinks – a truly social occasion.

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    Zevulun St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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      Dan Zuaretz

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      אין דבר יותר מעצבן מאשר לצאת מבילוי ולגלות דוח חניה על השמשה ובכדי למנוע זאת כדאי שתדעו שהחניה בצד הימני של הרחוב מהשעה 19:00 בערב ועד 9:00 בבוקר מיועדת אך ורק לרכבים עם תו חניה איזורי בלבד ובצד השמאלי של הרחוב מיועדת לכלל המכוניות. לצפייה במפת החניונים הפעילים באיזורינו >>

    • Private rooms

      In a charming courtyard, in a private room in the heart of the Levinsky market, Dalida hosts Moabet events that are super culinary, that provides an exciting and lavish experience. During these events, the very essence of Dalida is served on a table laden with delicacies placed in the center of the table, producing a communal and joyous culinary experience, rich in flavors. Restaurant events: Dalida hosts premium, hyper-culinary boutique events, custom made down to the finest detail, by our events’ manager. Our events combine meticulous wine / spirits / cocktails menus alongside exclusive gourmet dishes tailored to the event, creating the right culinary experience based on select ingredients. Events take place in two venues: The first is an inside space designed in the spirit of Dalida, with bar stools as well as table seating options. The bar is designed like an upside down spirits’ library. The second is an enchanting courtyard, which is roofed and air-conditioned according to season. Sitting events for up to 100 guests; standing event for up to 150 guests. Bar events: Dalida’s bar hosts intimate, hyper-culinary boutique events, custom made for each customer. Our events combine spirits and cocktail menus alongside exclusive bar dishes, tailored for an alcoholic pastime, while providing the right culinary experience based on select ingredients. The bar is designed as a black marble island, open for service on all sides. Its location at the center of the venue allows it to beat as the heart of the place. The service staff, chef, bar tender and guests are all there, side-by-side. The bar’s design creates a sexy, intimate, relaxed, and hierarchy-free atmosphere, accommodated by professional and attentive service. "Moabet" (sharing) events: Dalida hosts boutiful hyper-culinary "moabet" events Which bring out the essence of Dalida – a table loaded with delicacies, served to the center of table, creating a social, joyful culinary atmosphere, rich in flavors. Dishes may be selected for the event from the restaurant’s menu, including small dishes, medium dishes, main dishes, cocktails, beer and deserts. The events’ menu does not include the seasonal menu. * "Moabet" events can accommodate 9-22 guests. * Dishes may be selected prior to the event. * Cost per guest is a fixed 173 NIS. * In "moabet" events, children younger than 5 years old are not charged.

    • Catering

      Due to high demand, Dalida is now offering events in external venues. We will be happy to host our boutique, hyper-culinary event in your home, custom made and meticulously carried out according to our customer's wishes, down to the finest detail. Dalida brings its events all the way to its customers' home, along with its character, flavors and professional service, combining wine / spirits / cocktail menus alongside exclusive gourmet dishes tailored to the event, creating the right culinary experience based on select ingredients.