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In light of the security situation, the winery works with slightly reduced hours, we will be happy to see you Sunday through Friday between 1000 and 1500

About us

Flam winery, established in 1998, is located at the heart of Martyrs' forest. From the very beginning Flam family was resolute on manufacturing wine that will best capture the unique flora characteristics of local agriculture. The winery is dedicated to maintaining values of sustainability and ecology, thus minimal intervention is practiced in handling the vines. And the family is in constant persuit of strengthening its ties to the area, investing in vineyards in Eben Sapphire, Giv'at Yesha'ayahu and Ein Carem. Golan Flam, the winemaker, deepens his exploration of the best suited grape varieties to the local terroir of the Judean hills. An area offering soil rich in minerals and agreeable Mediterranean weather. Golan, alongside his brother Gilad and their mother Camellia, are all dedicated to promoting a vision of precision and accuracy, being respectful of the ancient tradition of wine making in the Judean hills whilst maintaining their own unique signature thumbprint carrying the name Flam.


Flam Winery, הקדושים, Eshtaol

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