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In a new line, and this time it is kosher. Chef Aviv Moshe and Chef Nati Arbiv have prepared a fun experience for you. tone. tasting. Rolls with good music. Crazy design. And lots and lots of thought. We invite you to be a part of the new Tel Aviv culture. Kosher and elite cuisine are welcome for the experience. We promise to make sure you're perfect.


De Picciotto 22, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Private rooms

The poupee covers a fantasy space of 470 meters, where seating events for up to 170 people and cocktail or party events for up to 450 people can be held. The seating areas in the place have been carefully designed in a circular fashion, in order to create closeness between all the guests of the event. The toilet area is designed to give the feeling of a walk in a magical forest or a journey to another life. Each area in the place is actually designed in a different way, unusual and intriguing. An experience that will awaken all your five senses and those of the event guests. Varied menus for private / business events Cocktail events etc. The whole magical and enchanting experience for you and your guests in one place in the center of Tel Aviv.


Up to pm we offer valet parking (for 35 ILS). parking address - De Picciotto St 22